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The Fan House

This weekend we had the great pleasure of visiting The Fan House, Sara Widness's excellent Bed and Breakfast in Barnard Vermont. The house was comfortable and beautiful, the food was very satisfying, and our stay, although brief, exceeded our expectations.

If you have the chance, contact Sara and arrange a stay.

We snapped a few photos in the early morning, here are two:

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Microsoft's Calibri font (proprietary, introduced in Vista and/or Office 2007)  has bugged me because Open Office doesn't have a good default fall-back for it.  Result is that documents are frequently un-readable.  (Makes one wonder if this was intentional - like the old rumor about "Windows isn't done until Lotus doesn't run...")

I finally found and settled on a good solution, for me anyway, described here, in particular, this recipe for font replacement:
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Jen - includes the sense of dignity we should give to ALL living things, especially other humans.

Li - is considered the principle of gain, such as why people will actively seek out personal relationships and what people gain from society as a whole. The idea is to consider what does each person, individually and as a group, gain when they interact with one another.

Yi - the moral obligation to do good. This includes the ability to know and recognize what is right and wrong, and the ability to feel what is right and wrong.

Hsiao - parents should be revered, respected and honored since they created the being in question. Bringing honor to the family and revering someone who has brought honor to you.

Chih - moral wisdom and knowledge of things right and wrong.

Te - the morals of authority. For example, the government has authority if it can maintain economic and social order.

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