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Fish Oil Tablets - Omega 3 Fatty Acids -

Alpha Lipoic Acid - Antioxidant -

Folic Acid - Heart Health -

SAM-E - mood -

Magnesium - various -

COQ-10 - anti-aging? - (Kurzweil)

Phosphatidylcholine - anti-aging? - (Kurzweil)

Vitamin D - anti-aging etc... - (Kurzweil)

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Confucianism - 6 worthy principles 

Jen - includes the sense of dignity we should give to ALL living things, especially other humans.

Li - is considered the principle of gain, such as why people will actively seek out personal relationships and what people gain from society as a whole. The idea is to consider what does each person, individually and as a group, gain when they interact with one another.

Yi - the moral obligation to do good. This includes the ability to know and recognize what is right and wrong, and the ability to feel what is right and wrong.

Hsiao - parents should be revered, respected and honored since they created the being in question. Bringing honor to the family and revering someone who has brought honor to you.

Chih - moral wisdom and knowledge of things right and wrong.

Te - the morals of authority. For example, the government has authority if it can maintain economic and social order.

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PS - I worry a little about Te, but this is about Confucianism, not me.

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Can banks create money out of nothing?

Another scholarly article on this fascinating topic:

tl;dr - Yep.

image credit: Chase Bank, Danbury, CT 8/2014 by Mike Mozart of TheToyChannel and JeepersMedia on YouTube, via Flickr

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Where are they?

The aliens I mean. There, maybe there:

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